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  • The Baltic Crusade in Estonia

    The subdual of the Estonians in the beginning of XIII century was part of a larger campaign on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, launched against nations that had remained as the last pagan people in Europe. In Estonia, the Baltic Crusade is known as „The Fight for Freedom"/"The Freedom … Continue reading

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  • Polish rule in Estonia

    The rule of Poland, or rather Lithuania at first and Rzeczpospolita later, in Southern Estonia lasted for a bit longer than 60 years: from the beginning of the Livonian War in 1562, until Sweden captured the town of Tartu in 1625. The Polish era is mainly remembered as the era of recatholicism and … Continue reading

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  • Short overview of the history of Estonia

    The prehistoric era; the Middle Ages; the Era of Wars; the Swedish era; I Russian era; II Russian era; Gaining nationhood; the Republic of Estonia; Estonia in the Second World War; the Soviet era and reestablishment of the Republic of … Continue reading

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  • The Estonian War of Independence (1918-1920)

    Newly created Republic of Estonia had to defend its independence against Bolshevik Red Army, which tried to rejoin Estonia to the Soviet Russia. Due to the ability to quickly react, to an unprecedented will to protect the homeland, and the relative weakness of the young Soviet government, the … Continue reading

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