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  • Administration: the story of the bishopric of Ösel-Wiek

    The bishopric was a state unit formed out of the islands and mainland of Western Estonia. It was created after Saaremaa Island (Ösel) had been conquered in either 1227 or 1228. During its existence, the bishopric saw numerous quarrels between the bishop and his vassals, but also among the two … Continue reading

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  • The Battle of St. Matthew's Day in 1217

    This was one of the greatest field battles for the Estonians in the Livonian Crusade. An army, gathered by Lembitu, a Saccalian elder, and consisting of men from most of the Northern Estonian counties, met the elite army of the crusaders. Estonians were defeated and it minimized the ability of the … Continue reading

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  • The Swedish Era

    The Swedish era begun during the Livonian War, when in 1561, the Noble Corporation of the Livonian Order, residing in Northern Estonia, surrendered to Sweden. In 1583, during the final year of the Livonian War, Sweden maintained its rule over Western- and Northern Estonia. War with Poland ended in … Continue reading

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  • The Baltic Crusade in Estonia

    The subdual of the Estonians in the beginning of XIII century was part of a larger campaign on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, launched against nations that had remained as the last pagan people in Europe. In Estonia, the Baltic Crusade is known as „The Fight for Freedom"/"The Freedom … Continue reading

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