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  • The rise and the fall the Brotherhood of the Sword

    The Brotherhood of the Sword, officially The Militia of Christ, was the strongest military power in the XIII century Livonia. The Order was able to guarantee the subordination of the local people: in 1206, the Livonians were defeated. In 1208, the Order allied themselves with the Latgalians, an … Continue reading

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  • Administration: the story of the bishopric of Ösel-Wiek

    The bishopric was a state unit formed out of the islands and mainland of Western Estonia. It was created after Saaremaa Island (Ösel) had been conquered in either 1227 or 1228. During its existence, the bishopric saw numerous quarrels between the bishop and his vassals, but also among the two … Continue reading

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  • Warfare in Estonia in 1944

    In the beginning of 1944, the front came to Estonia, and fierce defence battles were fought. Initially, in the first half of 1944, German troops, together with the units of the Home Guard, managed to resist the attacks of the Reds, but in September, Hitler ordered the Army Group North to pull out … Continue reading

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  • German occupation in Estonia (1941-1944)

    Germany occupied Estonia in 1941, and its rule lasted until autumn of 1944. Even though Estonian Self-Administration was active, Estonians did not have a say in most of the matters, most important calls were made by military powers and general commissar. Even though German repressions were not as … Continue reading

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