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  • Signing of the Peace Treaty of Tartu

    Estonia was the first democratic country to sign an official agreement with the Bolshevik regime. This was the Peace Treaty of Tartu, signed on February 2, 1920, which ended the War of Independence. With it, the Soviet Russia acknowledged the independence and sovereignty of Estonia. President … Continue reading

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  • The story of the Livonian Order

    The successor of the Brotherhood of the Sword, the Livonian Order, was the most powerful military organization in the Medieval Livonia for 300 years. Initially, it devoted to conquering Courland and Semgalia, but in the XIII century, a power struggle with the archbishop of Riga became the main … Continue reading

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  • Red terror in Estonia in the years 1940-1941

    The repressions against the local elite started here already before the annexation of Estonia by the Soviet Union. In 1941 the number of arrests and executions increased. On 14 June 1941 the Soviet security forces organized the first mass deportation of the Estonian people to Siberia, more than 10 … Continue reading

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  • Ships that have sunk in Estonian waters, and their stories

    Ships sinking into the sea waves have been witnessed here for centuries. Sailers, cargo ships, warships and passenger ships fighting the last battles for the lives of their crews sunk especially often both in the Gulf of Finland and in the Baltic Sea during the First World War, the War of … Continue reading

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