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  • Republic of Estonia 1918-1940: Great Crisis (1930-1934)

    The global economic crisis of the beginning of the 1930s did not leave Estonia untouched, either. In Estonia, the decline in economy was accompanied by strong political battle brewing where the new radical right movement of the participants of the Estonian War of Independence was more and more … Continue reading

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  • The Republic of Estonia in 1918-1940: the annexation of Estonia in 1940

    While the German army was fighting successful battles in the Western Europe, Soviet leadership decided to fully incorporate the Baltic states. In June 1940, large Red Army troops were rallied to the Estonian-Russian border, and Estonian government was forced to give in to the Soviet Union's harsh … Continue reading

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  • Soviet occupation in Estonia 1944-1991

    Uninterrupted Soviet occupation lasted in Estonia for 47 years. The country had been incorporated to the empire under the name of Estonian Soviet Social Republic. Majority of the population felt the impact of mass repressions, forced collectivization and -industrialization. Around the middle the … Continue reading

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  • Reformation in Livonia

    Reformation is considered often the event finishing the middle age and starting the new age in the European history. As a result of the latter the current religiously catholic Europe was divided into two parts: the Protestantism generally won in Northern Europe, in the south the Catholic Church … Continue reading

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