Petseri region is disbanded and most of it is tied to Pihkva oblast

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23. August 1944

On August 10, 1944, the Red Army began its decisive assault in South-Eastern Estonia and captured Petseri (on August 11), Võru (on 13) and Põlva (on 16) relatively quickly.

Next, assault was launched onto Valga and Tartu, latter was captured by August 25. But already before this, on August 23, the Supreme Council of the Soviet Union had decided to decrease the area of South-Eastern Estonia quite significantly: most of Petserimaa was to be tied to to-be-formed Pihkva oblast, including the town of Petseri and town of Abrene from Latvia's side.

Some of Petserimaa's western areas were tied to Võrumaa county. In the general sense, the borders were drawn up on the principle of nationality, so the areas tied to Pihkva oblast would be consisting of mainly Russians, the boroughs left in Estonia's territory would be inhabited by Estonians or Seto people. Several Estonian or Seto villages however, remained on the eastern side of the border; Petseri town saw the same fate, even though more than 50% of the citizens had been Estonian already before the war.


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