The battle of Sõjamäe

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14. May 1343

After the battle of Kanavere, Order's army hurried to Tallinn, where Estonian army was waiting for the Swedes to arrive. It was important for the Order to crush Estonians before help arrived. Estonians were camped near Sõjamäe, nearby a bog. To stop Estonians fleeing to the bog, the Master Dreileben decided to send a part of his army to intercept Estonians from retreating and destroy them with his main force. The plan was successful, the chronicle tells us that Estonians suffered a great defeat: about 3000 men perished, Order lost only one young lord. This data is, again, probably exaggerated, especially the near nonexistent losses of the Order. The chronicle also tells us that after the battle some townsfolk came out to poke about the battlefield, and one half-dead Estonian tried to kill one of them.

In any case, loosing the battle of Sõjamäe dealt a great blow to the Estonians: their army was scattered and Estonians lost their upper hand in Harjumaa. The Order took advantage of the situation, seizin the power in Harjumaa and Virumaa (Wironia).

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Jüriöö: [1343. aasta ülestõus]. Tallinn: Eesti Raamat, 1980.

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