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  • The Republic of Estonia in 1918-1940: Estonia becomes independent

    Few months after Bolshevik lead coup, Estonian national forces understood, that Estonia must be declared independent as soon as possible. An opportune moment came in February 1918, after Germany had launched an assault on the Eastern Front. Taking advantage of a gap between two rules, Estonia was … Continue reading

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  • World War I and Estonia

    In 1914, war broke out between European powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary on the one side and Russia, France, and Great Britain on the other). Soon, this had escalated into a world war. In the beginning of 1917, a revolution broke out in Russia, country that was politically and economically fell … Continue reading

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  • Resistance and an attempt to regain independence in 1944

    As the Red Army was getting closer, in 1944, the national groups began to act in order to reestablish the Republic of Estonia. In September 1944, Jüri Uluots, the last legitimate Prime Minister of Estonia, appointed Otto Tief to the position of the Acting President. Tief's government made … Continue reading

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  • The October Revolution of 1917 and Estonia

    By taking advantage of the political instability and ever diminishing popularity of the Provisional Government, the Workers and Soldiers Soviets, lead by the Bolsheviks, seized the power Petrograd in autumn 1917. The coup also affected Estonia, where the local Soviets came to power. Estonian … Continue reading

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