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  • The Estonian nations

    Several nations of different ethnic, language and cultural background have lived here about 10 000 years b.c. from the foundation of the Estonian territory at the end of the last ice age. The origin of the first people settled down in Estonia is unknown. During the ancient times both the … Continue reading

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  • Short overview of the history of Estonia

    The prehistoric era; the Middle Ages; the Era of Wars; the Swedish era; I Russian era; II Russian era; Gaining nationhood; the Republic of Estonia; Estonia in the Second World War; the Soviet era and reestablishment of the Republic of … Continue reading

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  • The February Revolution of 1917 and Estonia

    In the beginning of 1917, a revolution broke out in Petrograd, as people were worn out by the War, the government had lost its support among the crowds, and the economic situation was grave. Few days later, the revolution reached Estonia. Czar Nikolai II had to give up his throne, and the … Continue reading

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  • World War I and Estonia

    In 1914, war broke out between European powers (Germany, Austria-Hungary on the one side and Russia, France, and Great Britain on the other). Soon, this had escalated into a world war. In the beginning of 1917, a revolution broke out in Russia, country that was politically and economically fell … Continue reading

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