First data about Hans Kes


Hans Kes, the parish clerk in Puhja, is known as the first Estonian poet, who was and is famous for his lament "Oh! Ma vaene Tardo liin" ("Oh Me, Poor Tartu Town!").

Puhja's church

There is very little known about Hans' life before 1701, but it is surmised that he was active in Puhja already earlier and may have been educated by the former parish clerk, Adrian Verginius. Latter may have encouraged Hans to take up literature. It is also thought that Hans might have been a student in Forselius' seminary.

For the first time, Hans is mentioned as a parish clerk in Puhja in 1701. He may have received the position already earlier, but there is no documented data about his earlier life.

Source: Eesti ajalugu elulugudes: 101 tähtsat eestlast, lk-d 36-37.

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