The deals of archbishop Blankenfeld with Russians

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December 1525

Riga's archbishop Johann Blankenfeld had lost its power over the city of Riga in autumn 1525, also the reformation had practically won in other more important cities. Therefore he started to look for the devices with which to improve the position of the Catholics.

As the order did not wish to go against the Protestants to the war, Blankenfeld started negotiations with Lithuania and Russia. It reached the better deal with the latter, but unfortunately other forces of Livonia, including the order, noticed it.

The contacts with the Russians were a clear sign of betrayal for the order and therefore he demanded the arresting of the archbishop so that he could not invite the Russians to the country. In December 1525 the archbishop was imprisoned and his contacts with the Russians stopped.
Blankenfeld remained under custody up to March 1526 when the new attempt to gather the lines of Catholics and to decrease the impact of reformation started.

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