Riga goes under the monocracy of the order

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21. September 1525

In autumn 1525 the circumstances in Livonia became more anxious. Namely, the protestant Prussian duke Albrecht started to carry out the extensive religious propaganda who also recommended Plettenberg to secularize the order possessions and become a secular duke. Plettenberg refused from this and thus the attempts of Albrecht's ambassadors in 1525-26 in Livonia remained without effect to stimulate reformation.

The propaganda of the duke was effective in the city of Riga which was already from the year 1522 clearly reformation-minded. The risk incurred that Riga could cancel the loyalty oath to the grandmaster and go under the protection of the duke. Therefore on 21 September 1525 Plettenberg decided to adopt the offer of Riga made more than a year ago to give oneself under the monocracy of the order.

The complete freedom of religion was guaranteed to the city, the order guaranteed that Livonia did not break down into pieces.
The loss of Riga surely irritated the archbishop Blankenfeld who started thereafter to search for possibilities to strengthen his power.

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