Win of reformation in Riga

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March 1524

In 1523 the anxious times started in Riga: the rebelling group of people plundered Aizpute cloister and the anger of the reformation-minded ones also increased against the catholic clerics in the city of Riga. Therefore Johann Blankenfeld, having become the co-adjutor of Riga's archbishop sent the ambassadors to the pope to call the citizens of Riga to the order with punishments.

But unfortunately the pope did not consider it possible to help the ambassadors of Blankenfeld, also they did not get support from the German Reichstag in Nürnberg.
Riga learned about the activities of Blankenfeld ambassadors at the beginning of 1524 and this caused public anger against Catholicism. In March the fierce iconoclasms started in the city, after which the Franciscans, Dominicans and catholic scholars were driven out of the city. Riga had become the Lutheran city by May. Thus Riga's archbishop had lost clerical power over the city.

Source:Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. 1937.


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