First reformation attempt in Tartu

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December 1523

At the end of 1523 or at the beginning of the next year Hermann Marsow started to act in Tartu who was the first real pupil of Luther in Livonia. His preaches achieved high popularity in the city and soon he was appointed the preacher of Maarja church.

The Catholics, especially the canons were surely against it whose pre-emptive right had been to appoint the preachers of the city to the positions. They complained about the amateur activity of the town council to bishop Blankenfeld who started to act decisively.

Blankenfeld swore that he rather loses 5 or even 10 fingers than tolerates Lutheran preacher in his city. He started to pressurize the town council in every way and as the city did not get support from the vassals of Tartu bishopric, he had to give up at last. Marsow left and started to have sermons next in Tallinn.

Source:Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. 1937.


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