Reformation arrives to Narva

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November 1523

In Narva at the end of 1523 the resistance started towards the Dominican cloister to be built there. The town council found that the monks are too greedy, talk bad about religious issues on preaches and violate the city's privileges. Soon the construction of the cloister was hindered and it was planned to drive the monks out of the city.

Harju-Viru knighthood protecting the Dominicans complained about it to the grandmaster Plettenberg who sent Viljandi commander Robert de Grave, known as a gentle catholic to settle the conflict.

Narva castle (on photo).

For some time the contradictions stopped, but since April 1524 the reformer preachers are active in Narva. Then the new contradiction incurred also with Dominicans who stood against the spreaders of new religion. The grandmaster required from the city that it would deport the Protestants and let the monks preach. But the reprisals were not taken into use, the preachers stayed in the city and the persecution of monks continued.

Sources: Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. 1937.


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