The placing of Luther’s doctrine under interdict in Volmari county council fails

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14. June 1522

The Livonian clerics hoped to declare the reformer a heretic upon the support of the order and other forces, but the cities and vassals concluded their own union against it.
As Luther's doctrine could not be placed under interdict as heresy in 1521, the Livonian prelates made the new attempt in 1522, by taking the question to the Livonian county council in Volmari, concluded the union by declaring that as Livonia was once won with secular sword and not with the help of the interdict, they also do not want to confirm the pope's interdict.
Probably this still was not an indication of religious mentality, as reformation in Livonia had just started. It was rather the defiance against the secular power of bishops, against which many forces of Livonia very strongly protested. Thus Luther remained non-declared heretic and in the following years the reformation started to spread in Livonia.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. 1937.



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