The discussion about placing Luther under interdict at Rauna prelate day

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June 1521

On 3 January 1521 the bull of the pope Leo X entered into force with which Luther was put under interdict. During summer of the same year this question was discussed also at the prelate day taken place in Rauna, Livonia (at the gathering of bishops and other higher clerics).
This was the first time when the name of the reformer became more public in Livonia.
On the photo: Ruins of Rauna bishop castle.

At that time no one had heard of Luther probably in Livonia and the confirmation of placing of unknown heretic under interdict should not have caused problems. But the decision of Livonian clerics to confirm the interdict was not supported by the cities and vassals who were just in conflict with the clerics due to the power pretensions.

Thus the town council of Tallinn and Tartu turned down the interdict as the unjustified power act of the bishop, the vassals also resisted to accept this. The vassals of Saare-Lääne found that this question should belong to the competence of the whole Christian church and took no direct viewpoint regarding the interdict.

Source:Eesti ajalugu. II, Eesti keskaeg. Tartu, 1937.


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