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22. January 2010

After six years of active preparations, new and unique site of Histrodamus was launched. Histrodamus is meant to promote history, geography and culture of Estonia.



Histrodamus was cooperation project of many parties – founder and owner of the technical platform is OÜ Histrodamus, technical solution was prepared by two leading Estonian IT companies Webmedia and Regio. Content is managed by non-profit organization MTÜ Eesti Elava Ajaloo Keskus.

Budget of this project (until opening) was 2,5 million Estonian kroons (160 th. EUR). This sum includes contribution from Kodanikuühiskonna Sihtkapitali (KÜSK) which was 350 th. kroons (22,4 th. EUR).

Initial structure and content was created in cooperation with historians from Tartu University – editors were supervised by well-known professionals Mati Laur, Veiko Berendsen, Anti Selart and Tõnu Tannberg. First members of the editorial team were Ken Ird and Madis Maasing as editors, Merilin Vihand as technical editor. Original texts were translated by Marek Litnevski (RUS) and Ann Rannu (ENG).

Founders of Histrodamus consider this to be just a first step and within following years site will grow significally – there will be much more content and new technical features will be released. Especially significant will be launch of MyHistro which is modern social network site, based on Histrodamus platform, for everyone.   


Histrodamus has won several prizes:

  • Oct. 22. 2010. Grand Prize at Estonian Science Popularization Award.
  • Feb. 22. 2011. Winner in a category of “e-Culture and Heritage” at "Best Estonian e-service 2011" competition.

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