The meeting of Nikolai II and Edward VII onTallinn raid

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27. May 1908

In 1908 Nikolai visited Tallinn even twice when the really important negotiations were held there. First, he met the king of Great Britain Edward VII in May and in July Armand Fallieres, President of France. These meetings had an important part in creating Antandi (the triple association against Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy).

On 27-28 May almost all Russian leaders with the Prime Minister Pjotr Stolõpin and Foreign Minister Izvolski were in Tallinn. The marine minister, road minister and court minister were also present there. The negotiations were held on board of royal yachts, Russian "Standart" and English "Victoria and Albert", the joint breakfasts and dinners were organized.

The agreements were achieved in many questions, including Near East and Macedonia. Nikolai and Edward also got acquainted with the Estonian aristocracy, city government with the Estonian mayor Voldemar Lender, non-aristocrats and the representatives of Tallinn Russian community. The Estonian-German-Russian choirs sang from the three leased ships at night to the governors and these thanked them from the deck. The meeting was also observed by a number of journalists.

Source: Vene valitsejad: valitsejaportreed Eesti kunstikogudes.


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