Nikolai II sends the fleet of the Baltic Sea off

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26. September 1904

In 1904 the emperor with his family sends the fleet of the Baltic Sea off in Tallinn, most of whom were renamed the 2nd fleet of the Pacific Ocean and were sent near Japan to participate in the Russian-Japanese war.

This undertaking was recommended also by the cousin of Nikolai, German emperor Wilhelm II who hoped to weaken the Russia sea power on the Baltic Sea. As it occurred later, this exactly happened. On 17 September 1904 Maria Fjodorovna, mother of the emperor, arrived to Tallinn.

On 26-27 September the emperor together with the wife and 2-month son Aleksei were also present. The monarch examined all ships and wished good returning to the sailors. Unfortunately, almost all ships were scuppered in Tsushima sea battle.

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