The Russian and German emperors meet on Tallinn raid

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23. July 1902

In July 1902 Nikolai II met with German emperor Wilhelm II. The Russian side was very representative, three ministers were present: marine minister, admiral Pavel Tõrtov, state minister Valdimir Frederiks and foreign minister Vladimir Lamsdorff. Nikolai II arrived on 23 July.

The leaders of the province, aristocrat marshals, members of the city council and the rural municipality mayors of Estonia as the representatives of Estonians who gave the home baked brown bread to the ruler. Thereafter the emperor examined the city's places of interest, including the recently completed monument and listened to the Russian-Estonian-German choirs.
On 24 July the German squadron arrived.

The emperors organized joint breakfasts and dinners, on 24-25 July the manoeuvres of the Russian fleet were followed where the moving targets were shot. Diplomatic negotiations were held by Lamsdorff and German chancellor von Bülow. The meeting of the emperors ended on 26 July. Although the Germans had specially hoped for material improvement of the relations, then actually this never happened.

Source: Vene valitsejad: valitsejaportreed Eesti kunstikogudes.


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