Emperors Aleksander III and Wilhelm II in Narva

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04. August 1890

August 1890 the only visit of the reign of Aleksander III took place to the Estonian territory when he met the German emperor Wilhelm II in Narva. This was an extremely magnificent and high level event: attended, besides emperor, also by empress, successor to the throne Nikolai (II), his sister Ksenja, eight grand dukes, two grand duchesses, Duke of Leuchtenberg, Prince of Oldeburg, war minister, court minister and foreign minister.

On the side of Germany, prince Heinrich and chancellor Leo von Caprivi were present, besides emperor. The special platform was built for reception in the city. The emperors stayed in the fancy two-storied villa of Aleksandr Plovtsov, Secretary of State, near the city.
Aleksander III arrived to the city on 4 August and next day the cornerstones were placed to the Resurrection Church in Narva and Vladimir Church in Narva-Jõesuu. In the afternoon the German emperor arrived with train from Tallinn, the dinner was organized in Plovtsov villa.

The guests were drinking tea on the terrace and Narva choirs sang for them. On 6 August the festive clerical procession with the participation of Preobraženski regiment took place. In the afternoon the emperors visited the fortress of Ivangorod, the Virgin Dozening Church, town hall and Peter I castle. On 7-8 August the emperors were on the manoeuvres of the Russian army near Jamburg and on 9 August they visited the felt and flax mill.

The empress visited Narva junior and girl gymnasium at the same time and became acquainted with the mentees of Orlov orphan school. The negotiations over the political issues which materially did not decrease the tensions between the countries were held between the emperors, Russian foreign minister and German chancellor. The three emperor union concluded by Bismarck could not be extended any more. The emperors left Narva on 9 August.

Source: Vene valitsejad: valitsejaportreed Eesti kunstikogudes.

Photo: Aleksander III; commons.wikimedia.org

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