Aleksander II with his family in Haapsalu

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16. July 1859

In 1859 the last longer trip of Aleksander II to Estonia took place. Already on 10 June the emperor's oldest son Nikolai was brought to Haapsalu for treatment who died already in 1865.

On 16 July the emperor together with his wife followed his son. Estonia faced anxious times: Mahtra War and other peasantry turmoils had taken place only a year earlier and it was seriously thought in St. Petersburg that the new concessions should be required from the Baltic Germans in the questions of peasantry.

The nobility tried to convince the emperor that there is no need for that and his stay in Haapsalu was pursued to be made as pleasant as possible: deer and grouse hunts were organized, zoo was brought to the city and the concerts of foreign singers, Tallinn musicians and choirs, also dinners, balls and fireworks were organized.

The aristocracy pursued to show with all these events that the general situation in the country is good and no more thorough reforms are needed. The emperor was not sure in this and exhorted to take care of the peasants also next to own interest. The emperor left Haapsalu on 23 July 1859, his sons Nikolai and Aleksei remained in Estonia up to 30 July.

Vene valitsejad: valitsejaportreed Eesti kunstikogudes.


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