Aleksander II in Tallinn and Pullapää

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29. May 1856

On 29 May 1856 the emperor Aleksander II travelled from Riga to Tallinn where the province and the elite of the city was introduced to him, he also reviewed the troops, examined the places of interest, visited the town hall and participated in the dinner and ball.

This was also carried out within one day, after which he left Estonia. But already on 14 July of the same year he returned together with his spouse and four sons, staying two days in Tallinn. On 16 July the emperor travelled with his family by sea to Pullapää near Haapsalu.

The folk party with games and attractions, including food and drinks, was organized there. The sons of the emperor stayed in Haapsalu for longer time, the game battery was also built for them there where they organized military games.

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