Nikolai together with his wife in Tallinn and Keila-Joa

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25. May 1833

On 25-28 May 1833 Nikolai I together with his wife revisited Tallinn. The detailed Russian brochure with the description of their visit was even prepared by the scholar A. Bürger for his honour.

The emperor mostly dealt with official duties, but the imperial family also stayed the whole day on 27 May at their protégé Benckendorff's in the manor of Keila-Joa and Nikolai and his wife both planted a birch in the manor park.

The wife of Nikolai, Aleksandra Fjodorovna, daughter of King of Prussia, travelled especially in 1830s often through Estonia to visit her father and usually stayed in Tartu. In august 1849 she rested with her daughter Olga and sons Mihhail and Nikolai in Kadriorg.

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