Paul I in Narva

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24. May 1797

The emperor Paul I who was in power for a short period (1796-1801) stayed in Estonia before becoming the emperor n several times: for example in the years 1776 and 1782, but these were only the transits.

He also stayed in Estonia for longer term only once after becoming the emperor: in 1797 when he received the army forces in Narva and inspected Jeletski troop.

Paul who hated his mother Catherine II, tried to do everything opposite to her. Therefore he also gave up all festive receptions and meeting with local elite.

The emperor even refused to accept the traditional salt-bread which was always offered to the governor by the Russian merchants in the Baltics.

The only longer stop of the Russian emperor today in the Estonian area lasted two days and was connected with the inspection of the army.

Vene valitsejad: valitsejaportreed Eesti kunstikogudes.

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