Asva in Saaremaa

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1000 BC

Trade and handicraft were dealt with in Asva, fortified settlement of Saaremaa. The latter can be proven by numerous clay cast forms and pieces of firepots found in the settlements.

Probably these so-called fortified settlements were also regional power centres.

Pottery from Asva fortified settlement.

Most of the ancient objects of the Bronze Age are located in the Estonian coastal region. Only single ancient estates in inland are known in addition to occasional findings.

People surely lived during this period also in Central and Southern Estonia, but the dead were not traditionally buried into stone burials at that time.

People think that inland the percentage of hunting and gathering during Bronze Age was higher than in the coastal areas.




The presumable ploughshares of horn from Asva fortified settlement.


Source: Eesti Ajaloo Atlas lk 20-24

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