Estonia is declared Jew-free

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01. July 1942

On July 1, German secret policed declared Estonia Jew-free, being the first out of all the occupied Eastern areas. By this time, almost all of the 1000 Jews, remaining in Estonia after 1941, and couple of hundred gypsies had been killed in the concentration camps in Klooga and elsewhere. Next, Jews and other "racially inferior" from neighboring areas were brought to the camps. By the end of 1944, around 10,000 Jews had been killed in Estonia.

Jews in prison, only one picture known, where they are alive. Foto: A. Niglas

Aside the Jews and other "racially inferior", Germans exterminated a lot of Estonians, who according to Nazi race theory, should have stood in a relatively high place in the hierarchy. They were suspected of aiding the communists, hence, several Estonian intellectuals lost their lives, e.g. Aleksander Looring, who, during the first year of Soviet occupation, had published articles, that correlated with the Red ideology.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. VI: Vabadussõjast taasiseseisvumiseni. Lk-d 196-227.

Estonia 1939 - 1945

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