Estonian Self-Administration

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15. September 1941

On September 15, 1941, Franz von Roques, leader of a rear corps called Army Group Nord, gave and order to form Estonian Self-Administration, which would execute the civil governing of Estonia.

Hjalmar Mäe (photo)

This administration was lead by Hjalmar Mäe, former Vaps member (Union of Participants in the Estonian War of Independence), who had relocated to Germany. In reality, the Self-Administration held no real power: on the one hand, it answered to the German military government, which could annul all Self-Administration's decisions; and to the Commissar General on the other hand.

Thus, the Estonian Self-Administration was, in essence, a puppet-government. Officially, it was to exercise governing by the laws that had been opted during the Republic of Estonia (from October 14, 1941 and on), but only to the extent of not conflicting with German legislation. The Self-Administration stood as an appendage of German administration, and did not gain a widespread support among people. Supporters of Estonian independence, lead by Jüri Uluots, whose activities Germans tried to hinder, opposed the Self-Administration.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. VI: Vabadussõjast taasiseseisvumiseni. Lk-d 196-227.

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