Germans invade Estonia

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07. July 1941

Already on July 7, 1941, Germans crossed Estonian border near Mõisaküla, and managed to capture most of Estonia in only few days: Pärnu, Viljandi, Valga, Võru, Petseri, Lihula and Märjamaa fell.

Nonetheless, capturing rest of Estonia did not go that swiftly, as by that time the Red Army had been able to compose itself, and by July 15, the front stabilized on Pärnu-Türi-Põltsamaa-Pärnu line.

However, the actions of Estonian partisans, who fought the Red Army and had captured several settlements, set the Germans in an advantageous position.

In the end of July, Estonians and Germans launched join assault against the Red Army, and on August 28, 1941, Tallinn was captured.

Source: Eesti ajalugu. VI: Vabadussõjast taasiseseisvumiseni. Lk-d 196-227.

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