Raids to Russia

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In the beginning of winter 1221, Germans rallied Livonians, Latgalians, Ugaunians and Saccalians and headed to Russia. The army passed Pihkva and reached quite far in the Novgorod-land, according to the chronicle it came quite close to the capital. The campaign, however, was merely a raid, meant to loot and pillage. In the middle of the winter, Ugaunians raided Votes, and directly after that, Saccalians Ingeria.

In 1222 and 1223, Russians were occupied with fighting Mongols, and events in Livonia stayed on the background.

Source: Sulev Vahtre. Muinasaja loojang Eestis. Vabadusvõitlus 1208-1227. Olion: Tallinn 1990

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