Prologue I: Yaroslav the Wise captures Tartu

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In the end of the X century, Old-Russia began to take interest in areas around the Baltic Sea. Prince Yaroslav the Wise organized a campaign to Ugandi county in 1030, where he captured the fort of Tartu (ancient name was Tarbatu). Russians named the place Yurjev after the Christian name of Yaroslav, Yuri.

Russians organized other campaigns to these areas: they were defeated by Estonians in 1054, but in 1060, managed to capture the fort of Keava in Harjumaa. In the following spring, Estonians managed to deal a decisive blow, recapturing Tartu and held a battle under Pihkva, ending the first conquests of the Russians.

Image: Yaroslav the Wise

Sources: Ain Mäesalu, Tõnis Lukas, Mati Laur, Tõnu Tannberg. Eesti ajalugu I. Avita: Tallinn 1995

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