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Anton Thor Helle and other Estonian ministers did not only translate and edit religious texts, but were also interested in the linguistics of the language. Therefore, they tried to compile grammars and language norm handbooks. By Helle's initiative, a short overview of the Estonian language was compiled by 1732, it was called: „Kurtzgefaßte Anweisung Zur Ehstnischen Sprache".

Even though Helle's part in the content creation was rather small and most of the work was done in teams, he was the initiator of this compilation. He had been working hard since 1713 (after he became the pastor in Jüri) to regulate the grammar.

This short grammatical overview was a great step ahead in the path towards the greatest linguistic achievement of that time: the translation of the Bible. This grammar book holds an important linguistic role as a contemporary advancement in the language.



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