Helle publishes a church handbook in Estonian

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Anton Thor Helle was one of those XVIII century Estonian pastors who took interest in the development of the Estonian written language.

A pietistic wish to educate and broaden the minds of the peasantry was an added bonus. In 1721, Helle published his first more significant work on Estonian language, a book called „Eesti-Ma Kele Koddo- ning Kirko-Ramat" (Home and Church Book in/of Estonian Language).

This was an adaptation of a Swedish era church handbook; and published in 46 reprints up to 1850. Soon, Helle began to translate and edit other religious texts: in 1729 A. Freylingshausen's "Jummala Nou Innimesse iggawesse önnistusest" (Godly/God's Advice on Eternal Human Benediction). In 1729, new print of Estonian translation of the New Testament was published, this time thoroughly edited. The original translation had been published in 1715.

Source: http://www.utlib.ee/ekollekt/eeva/index.php?do=autor_ylevaade&lang=1&aid=41


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