Helle becomes the minister in Jüri village and marries

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The Great Northern War had devastated the lands, most of the congregations were left without ministers. Anton Thor Helle, who by that time had returned from Germany, became the minister of Jüri congregation, a position he filled for 30 years. He received this opportunistic position thanks to two things: he had graduated from Kiel University's religious studies, and his father had been an influential merchant in Tallinn.

He got married in the same year. She was the daughter of Jõhvi minister Knieper, Catherine Helene, with whom Helle had a daughter.

In 1725, Anton married for the second time, this time with the daughter of Tartu's burgomaster, Maria Elisabeth Oldecop, with who he had five sons. There is nothing know about Helle's descendants, it is possible that the whole family had vanished.

Source: http://www.utlib.ee/ekollekt/eeva/index.php?do=autor_ylevaade&lang=1&aid=41


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