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21. August 1784

Võru castle is for the first time mentioned in written records in 1322 which is located in Linnamäe in Võhandu crook, surrounded by the wide settlement of merchants and handicraftsmen. In the Middle Ages most of the current Võru rural municipality belonged to Kirumpää castleship. At the same time other sources state that Kirumpää stronghold was completed already in 1226.

It is known that for example Põlva church was one of the oldest churches in Tartu bishopric. Põlva parish is for the first time mentioned in literature in 1452. Before that, in 1316 Väimela parish and Kirumpää stronghold are mentioned which were located in the southern part of the parish which was completed in 1226 and the ruins of which are even today visible near River Võhandu near Võru city.

When the order state fell and in the following wars Kirumpää stronghold was passed from hand to hand up to the middle of the 17th century when this was completely destroyed with the surrounding small town. On photo: Ruins of Kirumpää bastion. The smaller administrative centres were the manors of Väimela, Võru, Vastse- and Vana-Kasaritsa. Võru manor is mentioned for the first time in 1590.

The withdrawal of the manor from the growing city started in 1780 by establishing Võru into the manor centre. Väimela has not only preserved, but even expanded as the settlement thanks to transfer to the state possession in 1920.

The oldest architectural part is the baroque-style manor with the manor yard, administrative buildings and park. The extensive settlement of merchants-handicraftsmen was established around Kirumpää stronghold, one of the largest as to area among the similar ones.

Contemporary Võru city is located only a kilometre in the south from this famous mansion ruins. Kirumpää was finally destroyed in 1656 during one another Russian-Swedish war. Another 128 long years remained up to the foundation of the city of Võru. Kirumpää has been the scene of wars, the stronghold and the attached lands still belonged to Germany, Russia and Poland.

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