Treaty of Nystad

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After the defeat of the Swedish army, the Great Northern War waged on with the support of the Swedish Navy, which tried to continue fighting against Russia, even after the death of Charles XII in Norway (1718).
There were no signs of resistance in Estonia and Livonia. The land had been razed. Over half of the surviving peasantry died of plague in years 1710-1711. The city of Tallinn lost three quarters of its citizens to the plague.
Sweden ceased fighting after a decisive defeat at sea in 1720, and signed the peace treaty of Nystad with Russia, according to which Russia received Estonia, Livonia, Ingria and Vyborg. In return Finland was returned to Sweden and Russia also paid a big reparation.
In „memory" of it's Baltic provinces as Swedish grain stores, Sweden gained the right to export huge quantities of grain tax free from Estonia and Livonia.
The Russian Era started in Estonia.

Image: Old church in Uusikaupunki

Source: Ain Mäesalu, Tõnis Lukas, Mati Laur, Tõnu Tannberg. Eesti ajalugu I. Avita, Tallinn 1995

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