Tartu gymnasium

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In XVII century, humanitarian ideas spread in Europe, valuing education and science; several gymnasiums were established around Sweden and the development of the country's only university, Upsala university, was greatly favoured. These same ideas reached the provinces.
Tartu had already had an active school-life during the Danish era and was therefore a good ground for continuing. The first spokesman of the Tartu Academic gymnasium, opened in 1630, was first governor general of Livonia, Johan Skytte. He was an educated man and had been the mentor of king Gustav II Adolf and later the chancellor of the Upsala university.
The arrangement of the gymnasium was rather similar to that of a university, and therefore it became a stepping stone towards higher education.

Image: freeman Johan Skytte.

Source: Ain Mäesalu, Tõnis Lukas, Mati Laur, Tõnu Tannberg. Eesti ajalugu I. Avita, Tallinn 1995
Image source: http://www.skytteholm.se/historia___10.aspx

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