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Pühalepa settlement and Pühalepa church are probably the oldest ones in Hiiuma, latter originating from the XIII century. As it resembles Muhu St. Catherine's Church, it is possible that they were constructed around the same time, in the 1270s. Similarly to the church in Muhu, it also had a defence function: the church had been built with thick walls and narrow windows.

The church was damaged in the Livonian War, and was later reconstructed a bit smaller than its original size. The bell tower was built in the XVII century, and has been reconstructed several times later on, gaining its current shape in 1874. In 1860-63 significant changes took place: the church was heightened and new windows were cut into the northern wall. From 1951 on, the building was used as a grain store, and started to crumble. The church was reinstated to its initial use in 1993, and is thus ever since.

The chapel of Ebba-Maria von Stenbock stands near the church.


Image source: http://www.eelk.ee/imgs/kirik_puhalepa.jpg


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