St. Catherine's Church in Muhu Island

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This church was built in the middle of the XIII century, probably by masters from Gotland. Built of stone from the beginning, the very first record of it appears in Hermann Wartberge's chronicle in 1267. Initially, the construction consisted of a nave with stairs reaching the walls, and narrow lancet windows. The church had, most likely, also a defence function. Construction works were completed in the first quarter of the XIV century, when another master, likely also from Gotland, added the quire, finished the construction of the nave and decorated the interior with paintings.

The church was damaged during the Great Northern War in1703, but was rebuilt by 1738. In 1764, a small wooden tower was added, that however, was destroyed in the WW II, a war that ravaged the church quite a bit. Luckily, roof of the quire and most of the interior survived. From 1995 and on, the church has undergone several renovation works, latest in 1998.

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