The fort in Helme

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The fort was built to Helme probably in the beginning of the XV century.

It was a round wall castle, that had rooms everywhere inside the wall. The fort was a bit larger than the main fort of Karksi, but its bailey was smaller. The fort was constructed out of field stones and bricks.

The fort of Helme was Viljandi's side fort, and the Master stayed there often. The fort was miraculously left untouched during the Livonian War, also during the Swedish-Polish wars.

But during the Russian-Swedish war, 1565-1661, as it was weakly defended, the Swedish blew up it up. Parts of the fort have are still standing, but have not been conserved so far, and continue to deteriorate.

Source: Kalvi Aluve. Eesti keskaegsed linnused. Tallinn: Valgus, 1993.

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