The fort in Karksi

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Majority of the fort was built probably in the XIV century, though some sort of fortification must have stood on the site already in the XIII century, as the bailiwick of Karksi has been mentioned already in 1248.

It was a castle type fort, with a very large bailey. The fort was greatly strengthened in the XV century, and it became one of the mightiest forts in Estonia, next to Viljandi. It was in the center of the bailiwick, and in 1470 the bailiff temporarily resided there.

In 1534, the bailiwick of Karksi was added to the domain of the Order. The Master had already earlier stayed in the fort, but now these visits became more frequent. The fort fell to the Polish during the Livonian War, later it was captured by the Swedes, then by the Russians. The fort was not very seriously damaged during the war, as it was still in a relatively good condition in the XVII century. It was probably destroyed during the Great Northern War.

Source: Kalvi Aluve. Eesti keskaegsed linnused. Tallinn: Valgus, 1993.

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