The fort in Laiuse

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Laiuse fort was probably constructed already in the end of the XIII and the beginning XIV century, it is mentioned for the first time in 1406.

Main construction works were done in the XV century, when it was remodeled into a round wall castle, due to the use of firearms. It is likely that it was initially built as an addition to Kursi fort's fortifications, even though it belonged to the bailiwick of Põltsamaa.

Later, in 1480, it went to the dominion of the commander of Viljandi. It was a bit damaged in the Livonian War, but was restored. After the war, it belonged first to Poland and later to Sweden. In the beginning of the Great Northern War, the Swedish king Karl XII spent a winter there. Later, the fort was destroyed, and has remained in ruins since then.

Laiuse was well protected: it had massive cannon towers in south-eastern and north-western corners, also a tower in north-eastern corner, and another one in south-western, that for some time was used as living quarters.

Source: Kalvi Aluve. Eesti keskaegsed linnused. Tallinn: Valgus, 1993.

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