The fort in Vasknarva

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The fort in Vasknarva, on the upper reaches of Narva River, was built in 1349, on the initiative of Master Goswin von Herike, but it was destroyed on the same year by people from Pihkva.

The fort was rebuilt on the same site in 1427, and was finished in 1442. Later on, it was probably upgraded, and fortifications against firearms were added.

At first, Vasknarva fort was, similarly to Maasilinn's, a tower house castle. It was probably changed in the XV century, round wall and diagonal towers were added.

There was no convent building in the fort, as aside the bailiff, no members of the Order stayed there

This is one of the smallest forts in Livonia, being comparable to only forts owned by vassals. It was seriously damaged during the Livonian War, but was restored in the XVII century. It had gone out of use by the Great Northern War.

Source: Kalvi Aluve. Eesti keskaegsed linnused. Tallinn: Valgus, 1993.


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