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18. May 1933

In the years 1932-1933, fierce disputes over the devaluation of the kroon were released in political circles. This was a step that would definitely have helped Estonia out of the economic crisis, but regrettably, it came too late.

Päts's government strongly opposed to the "overthrowing of the kroon", so the proponents of devaluation decided to dismiss his government. On 26 April 1944, Päts's government did step back and a cabinet crisis started again, this time lasting for 22 days.

After a long hassle, the minority government of Jaan Tõnisson (on the photo) assumed office on 18 May, relying on the three extra votes of the German-Swedish fraction. The assumption of office by the government was fiercely criticised in oppositional newspapers; at the same time, several fractions collapsed in the fragment, which is why the Riigikogu fragmented again.

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