Second congress of the Union of Participants in the Estonian War of Independence

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22. March 1931

The second congress of the EVKL was attended by already 113 delegates of 43 local unions; at that moment, there were about 3,000 members of the union. In addition to economic and pedagogical issues, political issues were also strongly raised, and to solve these, it was necessary to fight against the allegedly proliferating corruption of the country and amend the Constitution.

The question of corruption was especially emphasised by Johan Pitka, assistant chairman of the board of EVKL. But the criticism towards the Constitution was instigated by the former Minister of the Interior Theodor Rõuk, who had probably been driven to do that by his good acquaintance Konstantin Päts.

The battle with the economic crisis according to a fixed plan and a more economical administration of the state were also required. At the congress, a resolution seeking the amendment of the Constitution was adopted, which required a head of state with extensive authorisations, election of persons and a 50-member Riigikogu. To propagate the amendment of the Constitution, the newspaper "Võitlus" of the participants in the Estonian War of Independence was issued; fierce lobbying was also made among politicians.

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