First meeting of the Provisional Government

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25. February 1918

On February 25, independence manifest and the names of first members of the Salvation Committee were published in newspapers.

With Daily Order no 5, Estonian Provisional Government was elected (see image): it was led by Konstantin Päts; Jüri Vilms was appointed Minister of Justice, Jaan Poska Minister of Foreign Affairs, Juhan Kukk Minister of Finance, Jaan Raamot Minister of Food and Agriculture, Andres Larka Minister of War, Villem Maasik was Minister of Labor and Welfare, Ferdinand Peterson Minister of Roads and Peeter Pöld Minister of Education.

Positions of Ministers of German, Swedish and Russian Affairs were temporarily unfilled. Of the largest parties in Estonia, Bolsheviks and Esers were left out of the government. The government held its first meeting in Tallinn Secondary Science School. On the same day, independence was declared in liberated Paide and Rakvere.

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