Narva joins the Estonian Governorate

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10. December 1917

The administrative belonging of town Narva became a very important matter to Estonia during the revolutions.

Since the XVIII century, Narva and its surrounding area, being mainly habited by Estonians and having had close historic ties to Estonia, had belonged to the Governorate of Petersburg.

In November 1917, the Estonian Council of Narva Soviet, with the support of the Executive Committee, forwarded a petition to the Council of People's Commissaries, to incorporate the town of Narva to the Governorate of Estonia.
Vladimir Lenin gave his permission to carry out the incorporation, if the majority of the citizens agreed with it. This is why on December 10 (23), 1917, a referendum was organized in Narva, where 80% of voters supported the accession. Soon, Narva became part of the Governorate of Estonia.

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