Poland-Lithuania gets involved in the conflict

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August 1557

King Sigismund II, a cousin of the archbishop, demanded Wilhelm and his coadjutor to be fully reinstated, and that they be given compensation. To push his demands through, he began to rally his army to the borders of Livonia, the size of which probably rose to 20,000 men by August 1557.

Livonians could have countered with 7000-8000 men maximum. Nonetheless, Livonians did not want to accept the demands and attempts were made to negotiate with the king.

Livonians were helped by some ambassadors from the Holy Roman Empire, who came to mediate the conflict in the summer of 1557. But, soon they too began to support the king.

In the end of August, Poland-Lithuania threatened to attack. This forced the Livonians to give in and agree to sign Posvol (Pasvalys', Poswol) deals.

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