The Diet of 1556 in Volmari (Valmiera)

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01. March 1556

On March 1, 1556, lords of Livonia gathered in Volmari (Valmiera) to hold a Diet, where the supporters of the archbishop demanded the Volmari agreement from 1546 to be annulled, and to be allowed to elect a coadjutor more freely.

The Order and rest of the landlords were against the election, but agreed to acknowledge Christoph's election, if he agrees to be ordained, promises not to secularize the bishopric, and will honor all the laws of Livonia, including the 1546 Volmari agreement. Bishop's side disagreed to such terms, and thus the Diet ended without avail. Both sides began to prepare for a military conflict; the archbishop had his hopes on foreign support, on Prussia, Poland and perhaps Denmark.

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