The outcome of peace negotiations in 1554

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August 1554

After Livonians found out about the peace treaty made in the summer of 1554, which included the demand for tribute for Dorpat, people panicked.

This treaty meant that Livonia, or at least the bishopric of Dorpat, would fall under Russia's direct influence, and only few believed that Livonia could somehow doge paying the tribute or avoid the war. Most began to look for a strong ally.

The Order proposed an alliance with Sweden, but this unlikely to come about, largely due to the fact that Sweden fought an unsuccessful war with Russia in 1555-1557 and the Order did not want to get involved. Archbishop Wilhelm supported an alliance with Poland, the Order did not.

Alliance with Denmark was also considered, but Old-Livonia and Denmark had a conflict over the ownership of Northern Estonia: Denmark had began to reclaim it.

As the situation in Livonia was very serious, the plan regarding coadjutor was put into motion. Archbishop Wilhelm wanted coadjutor Christoph to arrive already in 1554, a wish he expressed in the beginning of the year. This would have left the Order little time to counteract.

But Christoph's arrival was prolonged for more than a year, and both the Order and other bishops in Livonia found out about the plan.

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