The aftermath of St. George's Night uprising in Saaremaa

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The St. George's Night Uprising took place in Saaremaa in 1343-1345, and the Oeselians managed to seize the island on two occasions, in 1343 and 1344. The Order and the bishop of Ösel-Wiek decided to build proper strongholds after the unrest had been banished. The Order built Maasilinn fort (Son(n)eburg in German), and the bishop Kuressaare fort. It is hypothesized, that already in the end of the XIII century, fort construction began in Kuressaare, but this cannot be confirmed.

First data about a fort dates back to 1381. Since then, the bishops have resided in Kuressaare, even though the chapter was in Haapsalu. This created two influential centers in a bishopric.


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