The bishop of Dorpat becomes more prominent inside Livonia

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Due to the reformation, the 1520s were anxious times in Livonia.

The Master of the Livonian Order had become the highest authority in Livonia in 1526, and the rule of the bishop of Riga had diminished. Among other things, the Master could gather the Diet all by himself. In 1530 however, new archbishop Thomas Schöning managed to regain his power, at least formally.

Concerning the Diet, another kind of policy remained still in place: usually, the Diet was called together by both the Master and the archbishop, but there were cases, when the Order joined with the bishop of Dorpat. Thus, the latter rose to the third place in the domestic politics of Livonia, while the reputation of the bishopric of Ösel-Wiek was wrecked by its constant inner quarrels, especially damaging was the conflict of the Ösel-Wiek in 1536.

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