Building of the fort in Lihula

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The Lihula fort was built in 1238-1242, as a joint action of the Order and the bishopric of Ösel-Wiek.

It was built on top of an old, prehistoric Estonian fort. It was surrounded with a round wall, and equally divided into two sides.

Nonetheless, the bishop held more importance there, as the tower and the gate were on his side, and the Order was prohibited to build a tower.

Until 1251, Lihula functioned as the center of the Ösel-Wiek, the dominion of the commander of Lihula was ruled from Order's side until 1477.

The Livonian War greatly devastated the fort, it was wrecked in 1581. After that, the building has stood in ruins.

Source: Kalvi Aluve. Eesti keskaegsed linnused. Tallinn: Valgus, 1993.


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